North American Model Engineering Society

29th Annual Exposition

Safety Rules


The purpose of the North American Model Engineering Exposition is to provide a safe and secure place for builders of models to display their static and operating models for others to enjoy.  In order to provide a safe operating area for these displays, a few rules must be followed:

  • All running models must be under constant supervision.

  • Equipment and displays must be constructed in such a manner that their operation does not endanger exhibitors, vendors, the public or damage the building.

  • Liquid fuel is limited to 1/2 gallon per exhibitor.  Propane or other gaseous fuel is limited to 5 pounds per exhibitor.  These containers must be UL approved for the service used.  Liquid fuels must be dispensed with pumps, not poured.  Exhibitors using these fuels must be sure an approved fire extinguisher of the type 3A40 BC is located on the display table.  The fire extinguisher location is indicated by a sign on a post beside the fire extinguisher.  Engines running on liquid fuel must be designed and operated to reduce the exhaust smoke emitted.  There will be a safety disposal can on the shipping dock to dispose of rags and paper used to clean up fuel spills.

  • There will be no live steam used in the Expo hall.  Compressed air at 50 PSI is furnished at selected tables throughout the hall.  Our air manifolds are equipped with 1/4" NPT fittings.  The exhibitor will have to furnish any adapters required to attach their equipment to the manifold.

  • Connecting lines and fittings to compressed air manifolds and gaseous fuel containers must be rated at or above the operating pressures.  If these lines are used on propane they must be designed for that service.  These connecting lines must not show any damage or cracks.  It is recommended that a single shut off valve be installed, and a pressure regulator be used to reduce the 50 PSI compressed air line to your operating pressures.

  • If you have packing or shipping boxes, please see show staff for a storage area near you.

  • Please keep all aisles free and clear at all times.  Your display must conform to the space allocated on the drawing  and not intrude into the aisle ways.

  • All firearms on display must be rendered inoperable by removal of firing pins, bolts, etc.  No ammunition or gun powder is permitted in the Expo hall. 

The NAMES Safety Director and the City of Wyandotte Fire Inspector
shall have jurisdiction in determining
whether a display meets the intent of these guide lines.

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