North American Model Engineering Society

Hobby Related Suppliers

Miscellaneous Suppliers

  • Village Press  P.O. Box 629, Dept. NAME, Traverse City, MI  49685-0629
    Telephone (800) 447-7367   web site: 
    Publisher of Live Steam, The Home Shop Machinist and Machinist's Workshop magazines.

  • D&E Model Drawings  21219 Hwy. 1057, Kentwood, LA  70444
    web site:  e-mail:
    Plans for 1/3 scale working model Gatling Gun in .22 cal.

  • Peter A. Renzetti
    Telephone (610) 399-1530  Weekends/Evenings (302) 475-8033
    Machinists & model makers tools and accessories, model engines bought & sold.

  • Elmwood Publishing  737 Elmwood Ave., Vallejo, CA  94591
    Telephone (866) 996-8999  web site:
    Publisher of Model Engine Builder magazine.

  • Cabin Fever Expositions  3403 New Holland Road, Mohnton, PA  19540
    Telephone (800) 789-5068  web site:
    Sponsor of Cabin Fever, Iron Fever and Men, Metal & Machines expositions.

  • S.S. Willis B. Boyer Museum Ship  located in International Park on the Maumee river across
    from downtown Toledo.  For more information call (419) 936-3070.

  • Wonderland Models web site:
    Radio control airplanes, boats, helicopters.  Live Steam models.  All types of modeling supplies.

  • Wade Eisner  10 Hammond Lane, Eliot, Maine  03903-1843
    Telephone (207) 439-3536, e-mail:
    Casting kit to build 1/4 size model of an 1895 Denney Hot Air Pumping Engine.  Finished model is 14 inches high
    with 7 inch diameter flywheel.  More info at 

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