North American Model Engineering Society

29th Annual Exposition

April 21 - 22, 2018

Yack Arena, Wyandotte, MI


About the Joe Martin Foundation
Joe Martin is a lifelong modeler, toolmaker and the president of Sherline Products, a company that manufactures miniature machine tools. The Joe Martin Foundation was established purely to reward craftsmanship, and the brand of tools used to build the projects in no way influences the choice of the winner.
The 2017 Craftsman of the Year Award Winner is Cherry Hill of Malvern, Worcestershire, England. Ms. Hill is the 21st person to receive the Martin Foundation award. Preceeding her are Jerry Kieffer (1997), Alan Ingersol (1998), Wilhelm Huxhold (1999), William R. Smith (2000), George Luhrs (2001), Young C. Park (2002), Barry Jordan (2003), Roger L. Ronnie (2004), Gerald Wingrove (2005), David Kucer (2006), Pierre Scerri (2007), Ron Colonna (2008), Richard Carlstedt (2009), Michel Lefaivre (2010), Lou Chenot (2011), Gary Conley (2012), Guillermo Rojas-Bazan (2013), Steve Lindsay (2014), William R. Robertson (2015) and George Britnell (2016); all superb craftsmen in various areas of miniature metalworking that include model making, model engineering, miniature gunsmithing, engraving and clock making.
The purpose of the award is to bring attention to those who have attained a level of craftsmanship that is recognized by all who see it to be "head and shoulders above" similar work in a particular area. The award is also directed toward those who work at the small end of the machining size scale. These projects exhibit jewel-like precision and stress the skill of the operator over the size and expense of the machinery used to build them. It is the hope of the Foundation that by recognizing the achievements of these individuals, it will bring attention to the hobby of miniature machining and encourage a new generation of people to learn, enjoy and appreciate the skills of working with machine tools and making things of precision and beauty. Cherry Hill and the other winners have contributed not just a few good parts, but rather a lifetime of achievement that includes the mastery of many tools, skills and techniques.

For more information, contact:
Craig Libuse
Joe Martin Foundation for Exceptional Craftsmanship
3235 Executive Ridge, Vista, CA 92081-8527
Phone: (760) 727-5857 or (800) 541-0735
Fax: (760) 727-7857

Mr. Scerri is part of the Internet Craftsmanship Museum. His page can be found at
More on Pierre, his Ferrari and his other projects can be found on his personal web site at Additional photos can be found on the Fine Art Models web site at

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